Delivery Program of Emtrade:


# Electrical  Insulating Material  For Motor, Generator, transformer and Electrical equipments


- Mica tape as main insulation for slot partDescription: C:\Data\New\The Company\Emtrade\Website\120421\image007.jpg

- Mica tape as main insulation for overhang

- Corona protection tape for slot part

- Voltage distressing tape at beginning of overhang

- Sealing tape against humidity and dust for overhang

- Felt to fix coil in overhang part

- Banding tape for rotor & armature

Nomex paper 3 layers NMN for low tension

- Prespan 2 & 3 layers for low tension

- Spacer & wedges from fiberglass laminate

- Magnetic wedges

- Electric conductive laminate



Description: C:\Data\New\The Company\Emtrade\Website\120421\image008.jpg

- Machines components from different types insulating laminates for motors, generators, transformers, electric panels, circuit breakers, induction furnaces & machine parts.




# Resin & varnishes


- For different application & temperature class


# Insulated rewinding wire


- From copper & aluminium insulated with different type of materials ( paper, enameled, glass fiber, nomex, kapton & mica) as well as a combination from these insulation in a rectangular, square & round cross section.


# Coils for different applications


- DC field & armature coils

- AC stator coils

- Lift magnet coils for hot & cold application


# Commutator, Slip ring & control slip ring


- For motor, generator & control slip ring


# Flexible connectorDescription: C:\Data\New\The Company\Emtrade\Website\120421\image009.jpg


- Made from flexible stranded copper wire, bare or tinned,

  flat or round & insulated or non insulated

- Made from copper foil


# Contact


- With & without silver plating

- With & without silver tip





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